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  • Military Scrap Metal
    Military scrap metal used to make armored vehicles, munitions, and equipment often contains copper and other premium metals. This makes it highly sought after by both domestic and international scrap […]
  • TraceX Explosive Detection Training Kit
    Training personnel to be proficient in the use of explosive detection equipment is an investment well worth the time for military, law enforcement, security, and intelligence personnel. While the value […]

  • Chameleon chemical detection armband on a firefighter
    The Chameleon chemical detection armband has become an integral tool for CBRNe personnel facing the challenge of unknown chemical threats. The Chameleon training kit is designed to make training simple, affordable, and time-efficient.

  • Chameleon Armband. Chameleon chemical detection armband.
    In today’s modern globalized economy, ships transport numerous goods and raw materials all over the world. When these ships come into US waters the US Coast Guard (USCG) responds, acting […]

  • chemical detection
    To answer the question of how fast SafeAir badges will react, we will need to know the concentration of the chemical present in the environment as well as the overall time of the exposure. For example, the SafeAir TDI/MDI badge has an initial indication dose sensitivity of 5 ppb●hr, meaning at a concentration of 5 ppb of TDI, this badge will indicate exposure after being in the environment for one hour.

  • military tracex detection
    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.   Absolutely, we all want the newest and greatest widget but sometimes those tried and true methods are still best.  Colorimetric explosive detection is […]

  • chromeair
    Great question!  First, let’s quickly talk about what is the difference between an area monitor and a personal monitor.  An area monitor, like the name describes, is an instrument placed […]