Alright, now you’ve heard of what the Chameleon Armband is, you’ve seen pictures, maybe even heard another department using it, but how does it work and is it right for you?

Let’s get you some answers on our Chameleon and its chemical detection applications, or at least let’s answer this one:

How Does the Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband Work?

The Chameleon armband has two components: the armband and the cassettes. While the armband can be reused, the cassettes are consumables; meant to be used only once.

Pair our Chameleon cassettes with the patented armband design and you’ve got the Chameleon Chemical Detection armband! This allows air penetration from all axis.

More About the Armband

The Chameleon’s patented armband design allows air to pass through it on all sides (no easy feat to achieve). Good airflow to the bottom and sides of the cassettes allows for air and potentially harmful gasses to pass easily to the sensor. It’s where the magic of chemical detection to begins!

A Look at the Cassettes

Effortlessly clicking into any of the 10 spaces on our armband, the Chameleon cassettes are not just ordinary chemical detectors. Each cassette reacts from the bottom, and its color change appears in the top viewing area for an easy-to-read result. The Chameleon’s formulation methodology is hydrophobic – meaning the sensor are also unaffected by salt or fresh water. Just think, up to one hour of salt or freshwater immersion and useable in almost any environment.

High pH (Basic) Chameleon Cassette - Unexposed and Exposed

Low pH (Acid)


High pH (Base)

Hydrogen Sulfide




Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Fluoride


Nitrogen Dioxide



Sulfur Dioxide

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How do I Read the Results?

Luckily, the armband doesn’t need a long list on instructions for effective use. It’s actually pretty simple and ready-to-work in the field. The chameleon cassettes contain a viewing window on the front where a user can clearly see an exposure indication. If the user sees two colors in the viewing window, the targeted chemical is present. On the other hand, if a single-color can be seen no chemical has been detected. Like we mentioned earlier, even though the color is change is visible from the top window, that’s not where the work is really happening…. The armband and its patented airflow configuration allow for all of this to go down!

It’s a simple as that: Field-ready chemical detection with a “Go” or “No-Go” result. But now you’ll wonder, why is this the right detection solution for me?

Choosing the Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband

Of course, we’ve listed all of the cool and specific bits about the armband but you’re probably thinking, “what actually makes this the right option for me?”. Truth be told, the Chameleon armband is used in too many situations to count, and you may not know it’s the right fit for you until you think about the specific needs for yourself or your teams. But let’s take a look at some of the uses we’ve seen….

From our Customers: Real-World Situations

Tactile teams: Do you need a no-power solution that doesn’t require any calibration, has no lights or bells and whistles, but’s still effective in keeping your team safe from toxic chemicals? Chameleon. Do you find you’re in formation and constantly struggling to check your monitors while carrying out a mission effectively? The chameleon armband is detachable on Velcro and can easily transfer to anywhere on a uniform. We’ve seen a team attach the Chameleon to their shoulders for their teammates to easy keep an eye from behind.

Crowd Management: Do you need a discreet way to test for multiple chemicals at a time and at practical levels that allow you to identify and quickly respond to threats? Chameleon. Are you worried about potential dangers and need a cost-effective way to equip your entire team without wondering about sufficient training or potential lost or damaged equipment? The Chameleon Armband is an affordable option for detection that requires minimal training, no calibration, and is durable. So durable, it was tested by the U.S. marines and they weren’t able to destroy it. Mosh pits and screaming fans? No biggie.

Fire Investigators: Need simple monitoring that takes the fear away from potentially life-threatening toxic off-gasses without being bogged down in an endless number of PPE? The Chameleon armband is easy to wear and doesn’t add weight to your gear (weighing in at only a few ounces), so you can screen for cancer causing chemical exposures without a second thought. Not sure whether or not an environment is safe for some of your really expensive equipment? The Chameleon armband can be configured to fit your needs, use our cassettes to find out if an environment is going to corrode your life-saving equipment before you bring it on the scene and risk lives by not knowing.

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