– Chemical & Explosive Detection for Military Personnel

Protecting those who protect us all by detecting invisible threats

Mission success requires preparedness and appropriate response to the threat at hand. Military personnel must assess dangerous situations quickly and effectively. Body armor protects against bullets, but unseen hazards like toxic chemicals are more challenging to mitigate. Morphix Technologies’ lightweight, cost-effective, and fast acting colorimetric chemical and explosive detection solutions are used by military and government agencies across the globe. Adaptable to fit mission specific needs, the Chameleon chemical detection armband is a modular system which detects up to ten toxic chemicals in air. The TraceX explosive detection kit allows users to detect all major explosive materials and precursors in a single swab.



Chameleon Armband

Handsfree detection platform capable of monitoring up to 10 chemicals simultaneously.

TraceX Kits

Explosive detection kit used to identify all major explosive classes and their precursors.



Our Products: Chameleon Chemical Detection Applications

Our Products: Chameleon Chemical Detection Applications

Alright, now you’ve heard of what the Chameleon Armband is, you’ve seen pictures, maybe even heard another department using it, but how does it work and is it right for you? Let’s get you some answers on our Chameleon and its chemical detection applications, or at...

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TraceX Applications: Unmanned Uses

TraceX Unmanned Uses The TraceX Explosive Detection Kit is a colorimetric detection system that identifies major Homemade Explosive (HME) Groups and their precursors. This kit detects nine families of explosives with one test cycle, and it's handheld! Detection in a...

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The Big Deal – Chemical Detection

The Big Deal – Chemical Detection

What is Chemical detection and why do we need it? Believe it or not, the need for chemical detection is not just prevalent in chemical labs and big science corporations. In fact, the need spreads out over almost every industry in one way or another. From sanitizing...

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Chameleon HazMat Detection Kit

Military personnel’s risk of exposure to chemicals in the line of duty is at an all-time high. Morphix developed the Chameleon for the US Marine Corps, who was looking for a way to protect personnel from the threat of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). The Chameleon is now used by all branches of the US military, and across many allied countries. The Chameleon Hazmat Kit samples for ten toxic chemicals simultaneously. It identifies chemical threats by providing an immediate response upon exposure to TICs. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, hands-free design, makes Chameleon an ideal tool for every branch of the military.

Chameleon Clan-Meth Detection Kit

Illicit drug labs pose a danger to nearby residents and the law enforcement and military personnel responding to the scene. These labs are often chemically unstable and likely to release dangerous chemical vapors. The Chameleon Clan-Meth detection kit detects the most common chemicals found in these illicit drug labs. Military personnel who use the kit can identify the toxic threat at hand, reducing the risk for exposure from toxic vapors often emitted by illicit labs.

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit

Military personnel often need to identify suspected bombmakers or bomb making materials. The TraceX Explosive Detection kit identifies all major classes of explosives, home-made explosives (HMEs) and their precursors with just one swab. It provides accurate and almost immediate on-site results. Identifying the explosive agent allows explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians to better prepare their response to mitigate incidents where a suspected explosive device is found. The TraceX has been adopted by militaries and government agencies around the world for its ability to quickly and accurately determine the explosive threat at hand.