What is TraceX you may ask? It is a revolutionary colorimetric explosive detection system: contained in an index-card-sized box.

The TraceX explosive detection kit was originally a project that Morphix Technologies worked on for the US Department of Defense. The idea? Bring a game changer to the table for local law enforcement, military operatives, and other agencies. Helping to detect even the smallest amounts of explosives.

Why the need?

Think about how you’ve seen explosive detection on TV or in movies. Usually, a whole lab tests for different indicators and substances. The Morphix alternative, TraceX, makes the process simple, rugged, and affordable. Access to lifesaving information is now- quite literally- in the palm of your hand. One of the benefits included as a part of the TraceX explosive detection kit is the reduced risk of contamination with a specially designed sample collection system. (check out our video to see the process from start to finish). Gone are the days of sample contamination from personal contact. And no more transferring samples from one hand to the next in order to obtain results!

The detection of these explosive materials and precursors is unfortunately top of mind for many. The US Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) reports on explosive related incidents. Finding from their most recent reports show that there were over 13,800 explosive related incidents in one year, exhibiting that the threat of explosives is very real in today’s world.

TraceX: How do we hold up?

There are various options for explosive detection on the market today. TraceX was designed to be on-hand and ready-to-use by anyone, anytime, and in any condition. See below for a peak into how we hold up against current similar products on the market.

TraceX Explosive Detection Kit

Interested in the technical information for TraceX? Click here to see both training and documentation for TraceX.