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The sprayfoam industry has become a necessity when it comes to our everyday lives. Sprayfoam is used in the creation of various products from the insulation in our houses to the roofing outside of them. With such a prominent presence the question becomes how do we ensure professionals have access to safety equipment when using Sprayfoam? Each year, the Spray Foam Alliance (SPFA) host a Spray Foam Show to bring together the best companies in the industry. From spraying instruments to personal protective equipment (PPE), the floor is studded with businesses involved in helping the industry. 

Morphix Technologies brought our expertise in MDI detection with our SafeAir badges to the conference last weekend during this year’s Spray Foam 2023. 

The Sprayfoam conference 2023 was a great opportunity to highlight the SafeAir TDI/MDI detection badges.  As in previous years, Morphix highlighted the ability to detect TDI and MDI in the workplace without laboratory analysis which allows the wearer to have control over protecting their health with almost instantaneous results.  We were pleased with the response to the badges from all the attendees!

The great part about the Sprayfoam conference is the concentration of attendees who are in all market sectors of spray foam from spray in bedliners to roofing and from all over the country.  As an American small business, it was great to be among so many small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

The highlight of the conference was learning that during the demonstrations and classes regarding spray foam applications, our SafeAir TDI and MDI badges were being worn as best practice in the industry!

– KIm CHapman

The SafeAir TDI/MDI badges provide a color change when the level of TDI or MDI in the air exceeds 5 ppb.hr.  With the SafeAir MDI color comparator the user can measure the dose by matching the color formed on the badge with the colors in the color comparator.  This puts safety into the hands of the folks doing the sprayfoam application.

Kim Chapman, our VP of Sales and Marketing made the trip down to Dayton Beach, FL from February 12-15th and joined the long list of vendors, presentation speakers, and other attendees. Topics included in breakouts and keynote addresses included foam safety and quality, regulations,  Insulation, and roofing. We were happy to share how Morphix keeps our industry professionals safety in mind with the development of the SafeAir MDI badges. 

We look forward to joining in the conversation again next year!