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Law Enforcement

– Chemical & Explosive Detection for Law Enforcement

Protecting those who protect us all by detecting invisible threats

Law enforcement personnel must assess dangerous situations quickly and safely. Body armor protects against bullets, but unseen hazards like toxic chemicals are more challenging to mitigate. In the past, chemical and explosive detection devices were often not provided to law enforcement officers because the devices were too cumbersome, fragile, and expensive to use on a regular basis. Morphix’s lightweight, cost-effective, and fast acting colorimetric chemical and explosive detection solutions have been widely adopted by LEOs across the US and around the globe. Adaptable to fit mission specific needs, the Chameleon chemical detection armband is a modular system which detects up to ten toxic chemicals in air. The TraceX explosive detection kit allows users to detect all major explosive materials and precursors in a single swab.

chemical detection for aerospace

– Designed for Law Enforcement Officers


Chameleon Armband

Handsfree detection platform capable of monitoring up to 10 chemicals simultaneously.

TraceX Kits

Explosive detection kit used to identify all major explosive classes and their precursors.



Chameleon in Action at 2021 DTRA CBOA event

Chameleon in Action at 2021 DTRA CBOA event

Morphix Technologies participated in the 2021 DTRA CBOA exercise at Fort Story in Virginia Beach Virginia with the Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband as well as the prototype of its hands-free class chemical detector.

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Coast Guard using the Chameleon for Chemical Detection

Coast Guard using the Chameleon for Chemical Detection

In today’s modern globalized economy, ships transport numerous goods and raw materials all over the world. When these ships come into US waters the US Coast Guard (USCG) responds, acting as the first line of defense against drug smuggling, criminal, and terrorist...

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Chameleon HazMat Detection Kit

Law Enforcement Officers’ (LEOs) risk of exposure to chemicals in the line of duty is at an all-time high. When facing an unknown threat, identifying the source of the danger is paramount. With the Chameleon Hazmat Kit an officer can quickly detect ten toxic chemicals simultaneously. The Chameleon identifies chemical threats, keeping LEOs safe from the risk of exposure to hazardous materials. It can also provide useful information for a hazardous material response team when it arrives on the scene. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, hands-free design makes Chameleon an ideal tool for every law enforcement officer.

Chameleon Clan-Meth Detection Kit

Illicit drug labs pose a danger to nearby residents and the law enforcement personnel responding to the scene. These labs are often chemically unstable and likely to release dangerous chemical vapors. The Chameleon Clan-Meth detection kit detects the most common chemicals found in these illicit drug labs. Law Enforcement officers who use the kit can identify the toxic threat at hand, reducing the risk for exposure from the toxic vapors emitted by the illicit lab.

Chameleon Chemical Suicide Detection Kit

The number of law enforcement and EMS calls responding to possible chemical suicides has increased over the last few years. Mixing household chemicals and cleaners in an enclosed space creates a toxic mixture that causes asphyxiation. And the threat can persist, endangering first responders who arrive at the scene. The Chameleon Chemical Suicide Detection Kit detects the chemicals most commonly found in these toxic concoctions, reducing the risk of exposure when responding to a chemical suicide attempt.

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and bomb technicians are professionals dedicated to the response and mitigation of incidents where a suspected explosive device is found.The simple design of the TraceX Explosive Detection kit allows for use by highly trained bomb techs but also for departments without bomb techs. Law enforcement officers throughout the US use the TraceX kit to identify all major classes of explosives, home-made explosives (HMEs) and their precursors with just one swab. The TraceX kit allows users to quickly and accurately determine the explosive threat at hand.